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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Not only is vinyl flooring hard wearing and easy to maintain, it is available in such a large variety of attractive colours and price ranges that you are sure to find something for all commercial and industrial budgets and environments. In fact, the elegant value of this kind of flooring, the high quality of the surfaces and it's ability to be installed in different patterns has seen it becoming one of the most sought after floors for commercial use.

By combining different colours or patterns, installing in a particular manner, using different styles of borders and decorative strips it is possible to create almost any kind of visual effect. Not only can you create transitions between different parts of the floors and highlight different areas, you can also reinforce your branding through logo's or individual designs incorporated into the flooring.

At Vulcan Flooring we lay heavy-duty exclusive vinyl floor tiles and vinyl safety flooring in schools, educational facilities, commercial complexes, healthcare institutions and care homes

A simple maintenance routine will sustain the appearance and increase the life of the vinyl flooring so you can expect your commercial vinyl flooring to last.

Vinyl tiles are so versatile that there is virtually no indoor environment which wouldn't benefit from its professional installation. The realistic stone and wood designs offer a homely and relaxing atmosphere and are catered to high-end customers.