Want an experienced flooring contractor in the commercial and domestic flooring sector

Commercial and Domestic Flooring Fitters in Southampton

Southampton may seem to be miles away from our company offices in Sandhurst but our flooring contractors seem to be living there these days. The need for our floor services seems to be the inability of other flooring companies to cope with the growing demand and not necessarily poor workmanship.

Southampton, being a coastal town is subject to a lot of environmental abuse and time is starting to show up all the flaws in previous flooring installations. Many commercial and office properties sporting traditional wooden floors are contacting us, either to effect repairs or to arrange for a completely new installation.

Most predominately our fitters and installers are involved in kitchen, bathroom, wash room and office work areas but the type of flooring selected is varied and depends on whether or not the client is a business, school, sports centre, gymnasium, hotel or college.

Each installer is fully trained to the highest standards to ensure that carpets or hardwood floors are laid in such a way as to outlast the inhabitants of the building.