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Rubber Flooring

Well installed rubber flooring is a wonderful alternative to laminate or vinyl flooring and with such a wide variety available there will be something to suit all tastes and environments.

Since rubber is extremely hard wearing, this kind of flooring is perfect for areas that see a lot of traffic. You can rest assured that your rubber floors will still look and feel great in many years to come.

Children's indoor play areas at schools lend themselves to be the perfect environment for rubber floor tiles and the bright colours and textured effects can help bring a classroom to life.

Canteens, kitchens and other areas where food preparation takes place are also perfect locations for rubber floors. The naturally large amount of pedestrian foot traffic associated with such areas means that a hardwearing material that is easy to keep clean is always welcome.

Rubber flooring is used in many different commercial environments and examples can be seen in:


Gymnasiums and Sports Centres.

Cinemas etc.

Kitchens and food preparation areas.

Deciding on a rubber floor isn't difficult. The biggest challenge you will face is in choosing the perfect colour and texture since you can easily make the floor the focal point or let it subtly absorb itself into the surrounding decor without being glaringly obvious.