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Commercial Flooring Installation in and around Ascot

Ascot is traditionally classed as an 'upmarket area' with many older offices offices sporting traditional, top of the range hardwood floors. Our wood floor installers have been expertly trained to ensure that every piece of hardwood floor is laid exactly right and will last for years to come.

Floor fitting is something which is best left to professional flooring contractors especially where the image of your business is concerned. Office flooring not only needs to be neat and tidy but the material used does have an impact on the health and safety of both your staff and visitors.

There are unfortunately many wood flooring companies in business today which offer low prices in exchange for poor workmanship. Vulcan flooring has a contactable list of high end clients such as Eagle House school and Wellington collage who are happy to give testimony of the high quality services which we supply.

Gym flooring and sports floors are another two applications for which we are well known.

As a rule we are not really laminate floor fitters prefering rather to install the higher quality engineered wooden flooring. If, however, you are specifically looking for a laminated floor then our flooring fitters will be happy to assist you.
Ascot flooring services